GPC Membership Meeting March 4, 2017

With the results of the Presidential election it is more important than ever that the Green Party provide an another choice for voters — candidates who will support the values of Peace, Ecology, Social Justice, and Democracy.

Please join us for the Spring Membership meeting
Where: Richard J. Daley Branch Library, 3400 S. Halsted
When: 10:00 a.m. – noon, March 4


  • An exciting program called the Green Chicago Initiative will be previewed. The GCI is designed to be a game changer for the Green Party of Chicago by building chapters and support in front line communities.
  • The Executive Committee is proposing bylaws changes to have requirements for membership in the GPC.
  • Executive officer elections will be held.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Chicago Rally for Jill Stein

The Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein — the only Presidential candidate who stands strong for People, Planet, and Peace — will be in Chicago on September 8th!

Jill says: It’s time to build a people’s movement to end unemployment and poverty; avert climate catastrophe; build a sustainable, just economy; and recognize the dignity and human rights of every person. The power to create this new world is not in our hopes; it’s not in our dreams — it’s in our hands!

From 7 to 9 PM on Thursday, September 8, Dr. Stein will be rallying supporters in the historic Preston Bradley building at the corner of Sheridan and Lawrence.


Facebook Event:

Jill Stein/State Slate Petition Drive

Starting March 29, we have 90 days to collect 45,000 signatures to get Jill Stein and the ILGP State Slate on the ballot.

President: Jill Stein
Vice-President: William Kreml
U.S. Senate: Scott Summers
State Comptroller: Tim Curtin

Fill out our volunteer page and check mark “I can collect signatures for Jill Stein!” with your address and phone number.

Sign up to volunteer to collect signatures to get Jill Stein on the ballot in Illinois.

Download Resources
Official ILGP Petitioning Guide and Tips 2016
2016 ILGP State Slate Petition (corrected)
Jill2016 Campaign Flyer
Jill and ILGP State Slate Flyer
8.5 x 11 inch Petitioning Display Sign

Statewide Contact

Nancy Wade
Illinois Ballot Access Coordinator Jill2016
Phone: 773-850-1629


Click here to find your regional team leader and a calendar of petitioning events.

Green Party of Chicago endorses April 1st Day of Action

April 1st Day of Action – Organization Sign-on Letter

The people of Illinois are facing unprecedented financial crises due to a series of unethical public policies and seemingly deliberate mismanagement. Mayor Emanuel and Governor Rauner have engaged in policies that are anti-Black, anti-poor, and anti-immigrant. One closed 54 schools, mostly in Black neighborhoods, and the other is trying to close Chicago State University, the only historically Black college in Illinois. Rauner, Emanuel, and their cohort of corporate conspirators work to protect the interests of the wealthy while dismantling essential economic and social infrastructures that support communities. This agenda has helped make Chicago an even more segregated city, where Black and Brown families see their lives sabotaged and their basic institutions are under-resourced, underserved, and undervalued.

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Green Party Candidates for 2016 – Vote Grimsley in the 5th District


Warren Grimsley

Voters will get a chance to decide who will be the Green Party candidate representing the 5th Congressional District on March 15th in the only contested Green primary in Illinois. The members of the Green Party of Chicago chose to recognize Green Party candidate Warren GrimsleyWe believe Grimsley will provide progressive leadership and represent Green values in Congress.

Grimsley also received the endorsements of the Chicago Sun-Times and IVI-IPO.

In addition, a few Green candidates will be running unopposed and will be advancing to the General Election.

Karen Roothaan for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
George Mikowski  for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
Michael Smith  for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

The following are Green Committeepeople that will run unopposed in the March 15 primary and will be elected:

3rd Ward – Michael Braboy
20th Ward –Elvin McMillian
22nd Ward – Jack Ailey
24th Ward – Antone Cox
25th Ward – Christopher Anthony
33rd Ward – Verne Peterson
47th Ward –Nancy Wade
50th Ward – George Milkowski

Green Party of Chicago to March in Chicago Pride Parade

This Sunday June 28 we invite you to march with us in the Chicago Pride Parade in what is expected to be a historic month as the United States Supreme Court is likely to announce a decision on same sex marriage.
We of course are hoping for a decision that establishes full marriage equality for LGBTQ people and recognizes the love and commitment of those wishing to be married.

Meet us at Broadway and Montrose in Chicago at 11:00 am, one hour before the step-off time at 12:00 pm. We’ll have water, snacks, and signs — you bring your enthusiasm for a better way forward for Peace, People, and the Planet!

Also RSVP and invite your friends via Facebook.


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GPC Announces More Aldermanic Endorsements

We are very pleased to announce the endorsements of the following aldermanic candidates:

1st Ward – Ronda Locke
2nd Ward – Stacey Pfingsten
11th Ward – Maureen Sullivan
31st Ward – Irma Cornier
36th Ward – Alonso Zaragoza
39th Ward – Joe Laiacona
49th Ward – Don Gordon

These are in addition to our previous endorsements:

12th Ward – Pete DeMay
15th Ward – Alberto Bocanegra
25th Ward – Jorge Mujica
29th Ward – Zerlina Smith
33rd Ward – Tim Meegan

We may issue further endorsements as well – stay posted for more information!